Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Burnett vs. Halladay!

The most anticipated contest of the Blue Jays season kicks off in just over 4 hours time with A.J. Burnett returning to the Rogers Centre to square off against Roy Halladay! This game is massive, with considerable bad blood between Burnett and the city of Toronto.

Who isn't going to to this game? Burnett is most definitely going to get booed for bolting after opting out of his contract to cash in on the open market. Watching his mentor Halladay opposing him is sure to make this battle even more phenomenal.

Of all the games I've already been to this year, it just so happens I have to miss this one due to work. It's killing me! I'd trade a few of the brutal pitching battles I've seen already just to go to this epic game, but it's not going to happen.

The other subplot in the series is that it marks the first "real test" the Jays have faced to date (at least that's what the doubters say.) Look, you don't win 22 of your first 34 games without being very good. Having said that, apparently squaring off against a team 1 game below .500 like the Yankees will prove we are for real or a complete fraud.

Oh ya, did I mention it's "A-Fraud" Alex Rodriguez first game in Toronto since he was busted for steroids?