Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ricciardi should pull out of "Happ"less trade

The Philadelphia Phillies are about to make off like bandits by fooling J.P. Ricciardi and the Toronto Blue Jays in the Roy Halladay trade sweepstakes. Should they swindle the Jays as easily as it appears they will for one of the preeminent pitchers in baseball they will be lauded years from now for pulling off one of the greatest heists in major league baseball history.

Reports indicate they are unwilling to part with pitchers J.A. Happ AND prospect Kyle Drabek, along with either an outfield or corner infield prospect. The Phils insist they are unwilling to move both young hurlers because their value to the team is too high. That is a load of garbage.

Drabek (10-2 with a 2.80 ERA in the minors in '09), the supposed "key piece" to the trade wasn't even listed on Baseball America's "top 100 prospects" list as of late February. And the 26 year old Happ didn't even begin the year as a member of the Phillies starting rotation, instead the job was handed to 16 year veteran Chan Ho Park. Now that Happ is off to a stellar 7-1 start to the campaign, they are trying to peddle him off with the notion that he's a valuable member of the team.

The Phils are merely bluffing that they won't move both in their attempt to pull the wool over Ricciardi's eyes. They'll likely "give in" at the last moment and make the deal to fleece the Blue Jays. Should the trade be finalized, and Philadelphia land Halladay, it will be the lowest point of J.P. Ricciardi's tumultuous 9 year tenure at the helm of the Blue Jays and will be a painful reminder of how he's mishandled this organization.

Blue Jays are a complete joke

Are you freaking kidding me? We lost a game that we led 9-1 going to the 7th inning? The Blue Jays are a complete joke. What an unmitigated disaster this team is. Unequivocally a colossal mess. Pathetic, brutal, laughable, disgusting, despicable are just some of the words to best describe this awful, putrid, terrible, crappy baseball club (all that without referencing a dictionary and also refraining from swearing. Wow. I'm almost impressed)

The disastrous Blue Jays have now lost their last 7 in extra innings, and their 17th in the past 23 games overall to drop to a season low 4 games below .500. How can you let a ball club rally from 8 down with 3 to go and show no heart, panic, or anger? Easy. Just suit up for a Blue Jays club that's roughly as talented as Paris Hilton (or Gregg Zaun)

If you excuse me I must leave immediately so I can hurl. Or shout obscenities. Or both.

Halladay brilliant in tenure with Blue Jays

In what may go down as the final start in the storied 12 year Blue Jays career for Roy Halladay, Doc was vintage Doc once again Friday night, spinning a sensational nine inning performance befitting a victory. While the night ended on a somber note after the Jays were unable to win one for their ace, falling in extra innings, the night took on a different tone, one of reverence and adulation for a true champion.

On flashback Friday night, it didn't matter about winning or losing on this night, it meant so much more. It meant the recognition of the best pitcher in franchise history, one that will undoubtedly feature Doc at countless flashback Friday promotions when his playing career is over. One that saw Halladay endure countless mediocre ball clubs and few close calls in search of the post season. It appears time to turn the chapter to allow a potential Hall of Famer his wish; a chance to win a World Series.

Should the Jays deal Halladay, as expected, there is nothing but thanks to give to the 6 time all-star, 2003 CY Young Award winner, and staff ace for all the memories. He never once complained of being on a mediocre ball team and never moaned about the lack of payroll to compete in the ultra tough A.L. East.

In his storied career with the Blue Birds, Halladay racked up an incredible 142-69 record with a dazzling 3.45 ERA.

If this is your last start as a member of the Blue Jays Mr. Halladay, we must say thanks to a true professional. Good luck in the future, you will be missed in this city.