Saturday, June 13, 2009


Alex Rios just hit a 2 run dinger.

Holy crap.

He is now 4 for 6 since being moved down to 6th in the order.

Pinch me.

FINALLY Cito changes the batting order!

After weeks of both Alex Rios and Vernon Wells performing terribly in the 3-4 spots of the batting order, Cito Gaston has mercilessly switched things up to try to spark the offense. Rios has been dropped down to the 6th slot, Wells moved up to 3rd in the order, allowing slugger Adam Lind to move into the cleanup spot.

What took so long? I admire Cito's loyalty in trying to get these guys to break out of their funk, but that can only last so long. I could understand why he wouldn't want to change anything when they had a sizzling start, but that's long behind the now. Rios and Wells have prevented the team from continuing that torrid pace. Lind has been outstanding all year, so he has earned his opportunity to hit 4th.

Scott Rolen moves from 6th in the order one spot to 5th, which is a good move considering he's had a great average all season. Don't be surprised to see him eventually switching with Wells in the order so he can get on base for the big hitters.

Hopefully this move jump starts both Rios and Wells. I'm not holding my breath.

Oh god please not Halladay!

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Oh my word please don't do this. No, this can't be happening. Don't tell me Roy Halladay's groin injury will sideline him for a long period of time. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Please wake me up from this nightmare.

Should he have an MRI Saturday and the club learns his "tweaked" groin is more like a "destroyed" groin then we're screwed. We'd mark June 12th on our calendar as the day our season went up in flames. Early reports suggest Halladay might miss just one start.

He's been lights out, putting together a major league leading 10 wins on the campaign. By comparison, he's racked up more than a third of his victories this year than the other four members of the rotation (Casey Janssen, Brian Tallet, Ricky Romero and Scott Richmond) have in their CAREERS! Combined they have 29 wins between them.

Ya, if Halladay goes on the shelf, we're toast.

Don't give up on Brandon League

I know Brandon League had an awful outing tonight against the Marlins. 5 runs in one inning is pathetic. And I know he can be frustratingly inconsistent, sometimes going long stretches without giving up a run, then having games were he gives up 3+ runs at a time. However, he's still a good pitcher. In 2 of the last 3 seasons his ERA has been 2.53 and 2.18.

There's something to be said about not having blind faith. If I truly thought he was garbage, I'd be ripping into him right now. I don't idiotically believe Alex Rios and Vernon Wells are in a "slump" but rather consider their performance as crap. Blow Jay Ryan and Jesse Carlson have drawn my ire also. So why is there such hate on League? In 17 of his 23 outings he hasn't given up a run. The reason his ERA is so bloated is because in 4 of those instances he's surrendered 3 runs or more. That's his problem more than anything, consistency.

League, Jason Frasor and Scott Downs are the only men in this bullpen we can rely upon. Unless you count relying on Jesse Carlson and B.J. Ryan to screw up EVERY time. We are going to need to count on League in ball games throughout the season. League will be fine. Have some faith, the dude can pitch. And it's not blind faith.