Monday, August 17, 2009

Zaun grand slam crushes League (and me)

Gregg Zaun coming off the bench to blast a grand slam off Brandon League? That might have been the absolute worst scenario possible to me, as a die hard League fan. My most despised Jay of all time destroying my favourite pitcher. Ouch.

League's well documented inconsistent stretches swung back around after having two great outings against New York. Working behind in counts in the 8th inning led to League loaded the bases. He nearly got out of the jam, that is, until Zaunbie smacked a pinch hit grand slam to crush the Jays. (and me)

The big blast was very reminiscent of last September, when Zaun, then a member of Toronto, smashed an extra innings grand slam to defeat Tampa Bay. This time, Zaun was in a Rays uniform doing the damage against his former club.

This is the absolute lowest point as an unabashed Brandon League fan. I must continue forward though. League still is a fine pitcher.