Monday, May 25, 2009

Bring back Gregg Zaun!!

With the Blue Jays losing their past seven contests, it has become incredibly obvious why the club has been awful! We don't have Gregg Zaun on the team. If we did, he'd lift us to a level never seen before, providing that classic veteran leadership and locker room presence. Therefore, I'm officially starting the BRING BACK GREGG ZAUN campaign.

Of course, he would be able to make sure all of our pitchers were at their best. After all, he should be in hall of fame for his ability to "call a good game" as he always did in his 5 year tenure in Toronto. Don't get me started on how amazing he is at throwing runners out. Wow!

As evidence by his game winning RBI single today in Baltimore, we could really use Zaun and his ability to be a "professional hitter" at the plate. You know, his stout .215 batting average is evidence enough that he's the new age Sultan of Swat. If we had Zaunbie back in a Blue Jay uniform, he'd be out there bashing balls into another stratosphere, propelling us to the greatest heights in baseball history!!!

BRING BACK GREGG ZAUN. He'd be our saviour. Our rock. Our everything.

Blue Jays bats need to WAKE UP

The Blue Jays hitting this past week has been so horrendous it is beyond comprehension. We could have won every game during this demoralizing 7 game losing skid had we had even a glimmer of clutch hitting.

How many times must we rely on the likes of Aaron Hill and Adam Lind to come through with huge hits? Lind has run into his first rough patch, going 3 for his last 30, with no RBI in his last 8 games. It's impossible to put blame on him, because he's scorched the ball all season. Hey Vernon Wells, Alex Rios, Lyle Overbay, how about picking the team up? This is ridiculous.

In the last 7 contests, Toronto's problem hasn't been putting runners on base, but it's the ice cold hitting when there are runners in scoring position. In that span, the club has combined to hit .138 (8-for-58) with ducks on the pond, including a 1 for 9 mark Tuesday in the opener against Baltimore.

If the Jays are to get back to their winning ways and compete in the A.L. East, they need to wake the hell up, now!

Vernon Wells finally gets an RBI!

It took 18 LOOOOOOOOONG games, but Vernon Wells FINALLY got an RBI Monday against the Orioles. Will he finally start rounding in to form? Or is there merely an aberration? He still has been pathetic, but has been decent in the past two games.

I think we can all safely presume he will go on a tear and reach MVP status, that much is obvious. You can't deny that! V-Dub is the man!

Or not.

Should Overbay have made that catch?

I've been wondering if I should be chastising Lyle Overbay for the Jays loss yesterday after he failed to make a grab on a sharp lined ball to first base.

With the game tied at 2 and the bases loaded in the 7th, pinch hitter Chipper Jones ripped one at the direction of Overbay. It was a catchable ball, though it was sizzled towards him. A run scored, and then the Braves onslaught was on. They would score 6 more in the inning and to eventually pound Toronto.

Overbay was not charged with an error on the play, but the ball could have been grabbed, and he likely could have doubled up the runner to change the complexion of the game. Overbay is a fantastic fielding first basemen, and hasn't made an error all season, so I'll let him slide on this one.