Monday, May 25, 2009

Bring back Gregg Zaun!!

With the Blue Jays losing their past seven contests, it has become incredibly obvious why the club has been awful! We don't have Gregg Zaun on the team. If we did, he'd lift us to a level never seen before, providing that classic veteran leadership and locker room presence. Therefore, I'm officially starting the BRING BACK GREGG ZAUN campaign.

Of course, he would be able to make sure all of our pitchers were at their best. After all, he should be in hall of fame for his ability to "call a good game" as he always did in his 5 year tenure in Toronto. Don't get me started on how amazing he is at throwing runners out. Wow!

As evidence by his game winning RBI single today in Baltimore, we could really use Zaun and his ability to be a "professional hitter" at the plate. You know, his stout .215 batting average is evidence enough that he's the new age Sultan of Swat. If we had Zaunbie back in a Blue Jay uniform, he'd be out there bashing balls into another stratosphere, propelling us to the greatest heights in baseball history!!!

BRING BACK GREGG ZAUN. He'd be our saviour. Our rock. Our everything.


Asher said...

sorry i must disagree. He's way too old and washed up. He peaked in T-dot. He's finished

Michael Harrison said...

Oh ya I agree totally haha. I hate Gregg Zaun more than any other ball player. Totally sarcastic, he is a complete bum lol

Andrew said...

More than any other ball player? More than Manny....cause I absolutely hate Manny. Zaun is definately past his prime but he is a huge role model in locker room. Zaun is an old school ball player who plays with heart. Something that is few and far between in todays MLB. He's not someone who'd gonna change your offense, or your defense. But he's definately a character player. Not to mention his stellar charity work. Mad props to the Zaun!

Michael Harrison said...

Zaun sucks