Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jays bullpen screws over Halladay

Roy Halladay was well on his way to his Major League Baseball leading 9th win against the Orioles until the Jays bullpen gagged all over themselves, which is quickly throwing away a solid season.

Doc handed a 5 run lead over to his bullpen after 7 innings. Easy stuff, game over right? WRONG. The porous bullpen threw up all over themselves once again, surrendering all five runs the Orioles needed to tie up the contest. How this is even possible is beyond me.

Manager Cito Gaston decided against sending Halladay back out for the 8th inning with his pitch count over 100. It was a smart decision, because the club can't afford to overwork Doc. It's just too bad everyone in the bullpen has been garbage as of late.

Halladay's contract is over after next season, and he has said he wants to see what direction the club is headed before he commits to anything long term. Understandably, the guy wants to win a championship, or at least have a good shot at even making the playoffs. With colossal choke jobs like this one, it sure will make him think twice about re-upping with the Blue Jays.

What a disgusting loss, and an even more pathetic 9 game losing streak.

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