Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bautista is so underwhelming

Jose Bautista simply so mediocre (at best) to garbage (mostly) that it's unbearable. When we acquired him from the Pirates last year, he was supposed to have some pop in his bat. But where is it? He has just 3 home runs this season after slugging 16 once, and 15 twice in the past three campaigns. I don't expect him to crack 30+ home runs (considering he's a pedestrian .239 career hitter), but would it kill him to do just something, anything! at the plate?

Last night against New York epitomizes his year with the Jays. He grounded out into a double play, and with two chances to tie the game in the 7th and 9th innings, he struck out and flew out to centre. It basically has come to the point where you just expect him to get out in a critical point of a game.

I know Bautista is a versatile player, and is pretty darn good in the outfield, but he offers little else. He's a good bench player, but that's what he should be. A BENCH PLAYER. Not a guy who should've played 68 games already this season.

The perfect word to describe Bautista is underwhelming.