Sunday, May 24, 2009

Jason Frasor implodes

Holy crap Jason Frasor looked like a gargantuan buffoon today against Atlanta. The guy got smashed around like I smash Wendy's baconators. Really? You are this bad? Actually, the more appropriate question should be, were you ACTUALLY that good this year?

A lot of the blame falls on Shawn Camp's shoulders, but Frasor didn't help his cause when he inherited the bases loaded from the awful Jays reliever. He proceeded to allow an RBI single to Chipper Jones, a ground rule double that scored 2 runs, a sac fly, and a 3 run homer.

So Frasor allowed three inherited runs to score (that were charged to Camp), then gave up 4 more of his own. What a travesty. That's brutal. Has the axe fallen on Frasor, would suddenly looked competent this year?

The diminutive righty allowed just 1 run in 16 innings for a 0.56 ERA. So I'm willing to give you a break for one disgusting day Frasor, but if you continue to pitch with a rubber arm like this, you will feel my wrath!

Shawn Camp is LUGGAGE!

Shawn Camp is complete garbage. He is, without a doubt, the biggest loser in the Blue Jays bullpen. That's right, he's even worse than Blow Jay Ryan. And if you are worse than Ryan, then you are pathetic.

In a 2-2 game, Camp came into the game in the 7th and retired the first batter. Then, he allowed two hits and a walk before being yanked. Sure, Jason Frasor didn't help him by surrendering runs to all three men he inherited on base. But still, can Camp show any level of competence?

Consider this: In his last 9.1 innings of work, spanning seven contests, Camp has given up 10 runs. TEN....FREAKING....RUNS....

You are garbage Camp. Get off the team. JP Ricciardi, call up Jeremy Accardo to replace this pile of goo!

Wells contributes on base paths

Obviously, we all despise Vernon Wells for being brutal in the clutch. But he did something against the Braves today that really impressed me. No, I'm not drunk at 2 in the afternoon, I really am saying he did something well (for a change)

First of all, it's quite amazing he was actually on base (no small feat, as he was 0 for 9 to start this series against Atlanta) but I digress. With the Jays down 2-0 in the 4th inning, and the club struggling mightily to score runs in the past five contests, Wells singled to lead off the frame. Then, Wells stole 2nd base, and on the following pitch, got a great jump for third and swiped that bag also, marking the 8th stolen base he's achieved in 8 attempts this year. Wells wound up scoring on a ground out by Jose Bautista to cut the Braves lead in half.

We obviously expect huge numbers from Vernon, especially because he's in the midst of a 7-year, $126 million dollar contract. Playing a little small is still impressive, particularly with the team needing to squeeze out any runs they can.