Sunday, May 24, 2009

Jason Frasor implodes

Holy crap Jason Frasor looked like a gargantuan buffoon today against Atlanta. The guy got smashed around like I smash Wendy's baconators. Really? You are this bad? Actually, the more appropriate question should be, were you ACTUALLY that good this year?

A lot of the blame falls on Shawn Camp's shoulders, but Frasor didn't help his cause when he inherited the bases loaded from the awful Jays reliever. He proceeded to allow an RBI single to Chipper Jones, a ground rule double that scored 2 runs, a sac fly, and a 3 run homer.

So Frasor allowed three inherited runs to score (that were charged to Camp), then gave up 4 more of his own. What a travesty. That's brutal. Has the axe fallen on Frasor, would suddenly looked competent this year?

The diminutive righty allowed just 1 run in 16 innings for a 0.56 ERA. So I'm willing to give you a break for one disgusting day Frasor, but if you continue to pitch with a rubber arm like this, you will feel my wrath!

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Anonymous said...

You failed to mention that Overbay would have gotten them out of the inning if he hadn't missed a routine ground ball.