Sunday, April 4, 2010

Blue Jays announce lineup

As the Blue Jays current lineup stands to start the year, there is a distinct difference between really good hitters, and really bad hitters. Some of the players (Alex Gonzalez, John McDonald, Jose Molina) don't offer much with the bat, but are heralded for their defense. That should ease the burden on the young pitching staff.

RF Jose Bautista
2B Aaron Hill
DH Adam Lind
CF Vernon Wells
1B Lyle Overbay
C John Buck
3B Edwin Encarnacion
SS Alex Gonzalez
LF Travis Snider

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about wondering if Bautista could be the next Marco Scutaro and surprise everyone in the lead off role. He had an incredible spring, so could lightning strike twice? Wells is healthy going into a season for the first time in three years, so he should have a pretty good year (and because we think he's awful, it will seem like he's an all star), Overbay has a sweeeet fu manchu mustache which certainly is the reason he is the full time first basemen. Snider will hopefully force the clubs hand into slotting him higher in the order later in the season.

C Jose Molina
SS/3B/2B John McDonald
1B/DH Randy Ruiz
3B/SS/2B/LF/CF/RF Mike McCoy

McDonald can enter games late if the Jays are winning as a defensive replacement for the defensively challenged Encarnacion. If Overbay shaves off the fu manchu, and continues to whiff against lefties, Ruiz could steal at bats from him at first base. McCoy adds a great element of versatility not only with the glove but with very good speed on the base paths.

Just one day away from the start of the 2010 season!