Sunday, April 5, 2009

Blue Jays season begins tomorrow!!

After months of waiting, the Blue Jays 2009 campaign is upon us. After the past couple of seasons with high expectations, this year no one is expecting ANYTHING from Toronto. Except for a handful of people, including me. Low expectations means it will be a whole lot easier to sneak up on people...

A few reasons why your Blue Jays have something to look forward to this season are:


Young Pitching

Potential Rookie of the Year in Travis Snider

In addition to this, the Jays do NOT play a division rival until May, and none of the "big three" in the A.L. East until Mid May. There's a chance to get started early and build some confidence...

I'll cover these topics, along with the so called 'dreadful' pitching rotation, prospects in the teams system that could make an impact in 2009 & beyond, not to mention the good nucleus already on the ball club...

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