Friday, April 10, 2009

Who bats leadoff when Scutaro sits?

On days that manager Cito Gaston decides to give starting shortstop Marco Scutaro a day off, who will be the lead off hitter for the Blue Jays? Aaron Hill? Alex Rios? Sounds crazy, but I've heard Lyle Overbay's name mentioned. Who should it be?

Rios certainly has the most experience batting lead off for Toronto, having done so at varying times throughout the past few seasons. Ideally the ball club would want to keep him 3rd in the order because of his production, not to mention they'd want stability with Rios (He's batted all around the order the past couple years.)

The most intriguing option to me is Aaron Hill. He has looked great so far this year, not missing a beat after being on the shelf for much '08 with a concussion. Additionally, Hill is currently is hitting 2nd, so the jump shouldn't be too difficult. However, in brief stints as the lead off hitter last campaign, he struggled mightily. There obviously wasn't enough to get a full idea of what he could bring to the table, but it might scare Gaston away from going with Hill...

The notion of Overbay batting first did seem nuts at first, but the more it's considered, it might not be too bad. Though he's struggled thus far, a week into the '09 season, he had the highest on base percentage of any Jay last year, and drew the most walks. Lyle is a doubles hitter (when he's actually hitting, which doesn't seem to be much this year), and could really set the table for the heart of the Blue Jays order...

Woah, wait a minute. Did I just say Overbay batting lead off would be a good thing? Yiiiikes!

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