Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Adam Lind is King!

I'll admit it, I have a man crush on Blue Jays Designated Hitter Adam Lind. Really, is it that hard to understand why? The guy is unbelievable. He's as clutch as they come. Though he's making a bazillion dollars less then Vernon Wells, give me one person that thinks that V-Dubb comes up bigger in pivotal moments then the smooth swinging Lind.

Lind delivered the dagger Tuesday against Cleveland, a huge 3 run blast in the 7th to give the Jays a lead they wouldn't relinquish. Ho hum, that was part of a big 5 RBI day for the slugger.

Simply put, the guy can mash. 6 home runs, 29 RBI's, a .333 batting average, and it's just the first week of May. This guy is too good. With runners in scoring position and two outs he's hitting .450. With the bases juice, that average rises to .600. He's got the ability to hit between 20-25 home runs, and that might not be generous enough.

The guy is only 25 years of age, and is in his first full tour of duty with the ball club this season. As he becomes more and more acclimated to being a professional, it's scary the kinds of numbers he and stud rookie Travis Snider could put up in the heart of that Jays order for years to come.

Adam Lind is awesome, in case I wasn't being clear enough. Was I?

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