Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Brandon League: frustratingly inconsistent

The Blue Jays were within one strike of winning Monday against the Cleveland Indians, but Brandon League, looking for his first save in two years, and just his third of his career, couldn't get the job done. Not only did he surrender the game tying run, but subsequently gave up another pair of runs that gave the Tribe a two run lead.

This season, League has been the total picture of inconsistency. He has looked brilliant some games, and awful in others. In 13 outings on the campaign, his ERA is 5.17 All nine earned runs came in three contests. He's allowed three runs in each of those games, but in the other 14 games, League has looked dynamite, locking down the opposition flawlessly.

With this being the case, it's very tough to rely on League in tight games. The Jays should still give him difficult responsibilities, however, because he's one of the best relievers in that bullpen even if he can be completely frustrating.

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