Saturday, May 23, 2009

Easy prediction; Rios grounds into double play

I have to be considered a total genius after tonight's ball game in Atlanta. With the Jays down 4-2 in the 8th inning, and Aaron Hill on first base, the "big" hitter in Toronto's lineup came up to the dish, representing the tying run.

Why am I a genius? Because I predicted that Alex Rios would end the inning by grounding into a double play off of Braves reliever Peter Moylan (who?????????) Of course I was correct, the gigantic bum Rios did just that.

Who would have predicted that? I mean, Rios is an absolute stud. The guy is the greatest clutch hitter in major league baseball history. He's had so many game winning hits that you can't remember them all. Between him and Vernon Wells (the original Mr. Awesome) you have to admire the resolve and big time hitting they consistently produce.

Rios and Wells could have tied the ball game last night in the 9th, with the Jays down a run. They didn't. Tonight, they continued to be absolute crap. Good job.

It's saying something when lead-off hitter Marco Scutaro has more RBI then those two piles of goo. They're awful.

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