Sunday, May 10, 2009

Lyle Overbay decides to show up

Thanks for coming out Lyle Overbay, finally you did something other than ground into a double play or pop out on Saturday. These precious moments are so rare that they are a sight to behold. Remember this day Blue Jays fans, it might not come around for another month or so.

Overbay homered, driving in 3 runs in the second contest of a three game set against the A's. The 1st basemen now has 2 long balls and 7 RBI in the last 4 games. Overall, he's put up respectable numbers, with 5 dingers and 18 RBI, with a so so .256 average.

So why then does Overbay appear to suck? Is it just me or does he inspire ZERO confidence when he's at the plate? It's not like he's the worst player to ever grace a Jays uniform, but what is it that makes him such a disrespected figure in Toronto? Even though he's done well recently, I can't bring myself to say nice things about him, and instead resort to backhanded compliments such as "well, at least you weren't awful like usual", and "Good job Overbay, for once"

Maybe I should give him his due. Or maybe he's still garbage.


Andrew said...

I recall a game mid April where Overboy jacked a 2 run moon shot to win it for the blue boys in the 13th. This all against......? you guessed it, the A's. Maybe he does stink on a regular basis but he will always get his doubles and he will always light up Oakland.

Michael Harrison said...

ahhh yes I was at that game. what a wonderful walk off victory. I've been to three walk offs this year, which is easily way more than I've had up to this season. I'm pretty sure I'd been to just 1 before haha...

Overbay...Over the Wall!