Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Alex Rios is a buffoon

I've thought Alex Rios has been a bonehead this season countless times, and has been an awful player, but last night's base running gaffe in the 8th inning takes the cake for the dumbest screw up he's made all year.

In the 8th inning, with the Jays trailing 3-2, they have the bases juiced with only one out. Rios is standing 90 feet away from tying the contest. Marco Scutaro lifts a fly ball to left, easily deep enough for a sacrifice fly to score Rios. But there's just one problem. Stupefyingly, Rios breaks for home, then realises he's a pylon so he retreats to 3rd. Subsequently, he doesn't score, and the Jays failed to tie score in the inning. WHAT...WERE...YOU...THINKING?

Luckily, the Jays ended up squaring the game in the 9th and won in extra innings so it's not as big a deal. But you can bet manager Cito Gaston lambasted him for that colossal base running blunder.

I'm so sick of writing about how Alex Rios is a terrible baseball player. Really, I am. But how can I not keep bringing it up when he constantly messes up?

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