Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Camp can't pitch a tent

Just when Shawn Camp instills some confidence that he's a decent reliever, he goes out and completely falls flat on his face. Camp consistently is inconsistent, putting together a solid stretch of outings, then throwing up a stinker.

Consider last nights ball game. Camp entered the contest in the 7th inning with a comfortable 6-0 lead. Game over. At least it should have been. But then Camp forgot how to pitch. Throw strikes! It's that simple. Pitch to contact and let the defense make plays. If the hitter bashes one out of the park, no big deal, it's still a five run edge.

Instead of doing this, Camp gave up a lead off single, then proceeded to load the bags with a pair of walks. He was promptly lifted from the game, where all three men that were his responsibility scored. The Reds crept back into it, scoring another run to cut the lead to two. Fortunately, Toronto wound up holding on for a victory that should have been a lot more comfortable.

Just imagine if the Jays had lost blowing a chance to draw even with the Yankees. It would have been mortifying, crushing, a colossal failure. And it would have been down to Camp's inability to throw strikes.

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