Sunday, June 14, 2009

Jays shouldn't rush Halladay back from injury

I think I speak for everyone when I say "phewwwww" regarding the status of Roy Halladay. When he was yanked in the 4th inning against the Marlins Friday with an apparent groin injury, Jays Nation held their collective breaths. Would he be gone for a long time?

Well, it turns out the Jays ace is nursing a mild groin strain, however "mild" a strained groin could possibly be. He will not be heading to the disabled list, at least for now, and the team is remaining optimistic he'll be able to start Saturday against Washington after missing his scheduled Wednesday trip to the hill against Philly.

I think that's being a little too hasty, especially if the club wants him to be around for the long haul. Doc shouldn't start in Washington simply because he'll be in a National League ball park and will have to bat. There's no reason to have him running any more than he has to at this point, risking further injury. No reason at all.

The fact the Jays are slipping down in the standing at an alarming rate (7-17 in their past 24 contests) might force the organization's hand in rushing him back to the rotation, even if it's not necessarily the smartest thing.


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