Friday, June 26, 2009

Lind's defense is subpar

Adam Lind is phenomenal. It's well documented the man crush I have on him. His offensive numbers this year, primarily as a designated hitter have been fantastic. 15 home runs, 52 RBI with a .307 batting average. Defensively, however, Lind struggles. When Travis Snider was sent down to the minors, Lind has seen more action in left field. The Jays should revert back to their original plan to have Lind strictly hit. And never play defense.

Lind's looks really lost out in left field, even as his defense has slowly improved the past couple of seasons. Lind misplayed a couple of balls in the series finale against the Reds, and struggled to fire the ball back into the infield when he eventually did catch up to the ball.

Recently recalled Russ Adams started one game in left against Cincinnati in place of Lind. The Jays should allow Lind to sit and focus solely on hitting in favour of Adams. How ironic that Adams was exiled from Toronto for his shoddy defense, yet he should now be a defensive replacement for another struggling fielder.

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