Monday, June 29, 2009

McDonald's base running mistake costly

Man do I feel bad for John McDonald. His costly base running mistake in the 9th inning sunk the Jays today, yet I feel no anger towards him. Instead, it's disappointing that of all the guys for it to happen to, why did it have to be Johnny Mac?

With McDonald on 2nd base down a run in the 9th with one out, the Jays attempted a double steal which would put McDonald on 3rd, 90 feet away from tying the contest. As Johnny Mac broke for 3rd, Phillies closer Brad Lidge twirled around and threw the ball to second base, rendering McDonald a dead duck. He was tagged out for the 2nd out of the frame and two pitches later Vernon Wells bounced out to short, ending the threat to send the Jays faithful home unhappy.

Except no one could be angry with McDonald. Because we love him.


jim mora jr. said...

mcdonald can't hit... now he can't run... what a valuable player!

Jay McMahon said...

McDonald can hit a home run when you need him though...