Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mustache Man can pitch

Despite the fact I've long been a fan of Brian Tallet, I did not think he would be this effective since being slotted into the starting rotation in April. He's had enough starts to gauge his ability as a starter, and the results have been fantastic.

In 11 starts, Tallet has been sublime, posting just one awful outing, and hasn't given up more than 3 runs in 9 of those 11 trips to the mound. In his last 8 starts, Tallet has lasted 6 or 7 innings in all of them.

Tallet, who has struggled in the first two frames in his last 2 outings, managed to fix his early control problems recently to shut down the Rangers and notch his most efficient outing of the season. He held a great Rangers offense to just two measly hits in 7 innings of work.

Simply put, Tallet can flat out pitch. He's surprised us all, including probably himself. It must be the mustache.

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Ian H. said...

The power is in the stache, Michael! I've been saying this all long. If he shaves the stache, his powers will be gone. I hope he keeps it all season.