Friday, June 5, 2009

Rios rips into fan after charity event

If you haven't already seen it, you absolutely must go to the following link on you tube. Alex Rios cusses out a fan after a charity event!

After a pathetic 0 for 5 game Thursday against the Angels, Rios attended a charity event that evening and refused to grant a kid an autograph. Then Rios started getting heckled from a fan saying "you should be happy someone wants your autograph" Rios eventually snapped, and several f-bombs were said.

This is great stuff. I like that Rios stood up for himself instead of brushing the nasty comments aside. The passion was incredible and extremely raw. I just wish Rios brought that much intensity to the baseball diamond every day.

Rios apologized for the altercation today, and responded by going 1 for 4 in the series opener against the Royals, including an RBI double.

Note: A previous posting included the link to Rios arguing with a fan. The video has since been taken down by YouTube.

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