Friday, July 10, 2009

Are the Jays hiding something about Halladay?

Good thing I'm not a cynical person, because then I wouldn't be scratching my head over the Blue Jays sudden interest in trading Roy Halladay.

But why all the speculation about the Jays parting ways with their ace? Does the club know something we don't? Halladay went down with a groin strain June 12th and went on the disabled list. Since his return, he's been un-Doc like in 3 starts, giving up 10 runs in 20 innings and has yielded 23 hits.

What if there is something more to this than meets the eye? Is there a direct correlation to Halladay's injury and the trade speculation? What if Halladay's injury lingers and is persistent long term, causing him to hit the shelf every so often? Would it then not be in the team's best interest to move him now?

With Halladay wanting to play for a contender, perhaps it's simply the right time to move on figuring Toronto won't be competitive in the near future. Maybe J.P. Ricciardi figures the time to drive the market for the clubs ace is now to fully maximize the return. But knowing Ricciard's previous history of sometimes fudging injury reports, is it possible there's something more sinister at play?

Then again, that would be a cynical way of thinking. So it's a good thing I'm not a cynic.


Johnny G said...

Plus there is that whole physical thing that is part of trades. So even if they were trying to pull the wool over some GM's eyes it would be no use.

Michael Harrison said...

good point. i was thinking of something minor that wouldn't show up as being a huge red flag but more some info the team might have that an injury could have lingering problems down the road..

Jay McMahon said...

Groin injuries are a funny thing. You can feel 100% for a long time and then have the exact same recurrence long after. Either way, Halladay can provide more long term good for the Jays on another team, assuming they get good value in return. It would really hurt to lose the best pitcher in baseball, but it would hurt more to lose him for nothing down the road.