Sunday, July 5, 2009

Cecil a total disaster

Brett Cecil is really cheesing me off. REALLY....REALLY getting under my skin. I know he's a rookie. I know he's inexperienced, and I know he shouldn't be in the big leagues yet. Still, it doesn't excuse the fact that he was garbage today in New York.

Cecil can't find the strike zone today, issuing 5 free passes and allowing 7 runs in 3.2 innings against the Yankees. The main culprit was his horrible control. 5 freaking walks! After going down 4-0 after the 2nd inning, the Jays offense picked him up, plating 8 runs to give him a solid 4 run lead. In the following inning, he surrendered a walk to Mark Teixiera, which of course came back to bite him as he gave up a single and then a 3 run home run to Hideki Matsui.

There is no excuse for putting that many guys on board via the base on ball. It'll kill you every time.


Jay McMahon said...

I'd sooner see a guy give up solo home runs than give up unnecesary walks. Arnsberg is a good coach, but sometimes you have to give a guy a kick in the ass!

Michael Harrison said...

Oh absolutely, that's really been bugging me lately with a lot of Jays pitchers. Cecil has been good in some starts this year, so it's good to know he can do it. It's difficult sometimes to keep this season in perspective with all the young pitchers that have been called upon...

tomorrow it's Marc Rzepczynski's turn!