Thursday, July 23, 2009

Overbay is an Overbum

Lyle Overbay really really really cheeses me off. In the series against Cleveland, the Jays 1st basemen had gaffes that cost the team a pair of games against a club that is a whopping 20 games below .500

In the series finale this afternoon, with Alex Rios at 3rd base representing the tying run in the 9th inning, Overbay pinch hit and with the count 3-1, he let not one, but TWO strikes go by without swinging the bat.

In the first game, with Toronto clinging to a 1 run lead and a runner on first, Overbay fielded a sacrifice bunt, tried to make the force out at 2nd but promptly threw the ball into the outfield. The Indians later scored twice to win 2-1.

What a piece of crap. Overbay is garbage. He is unbelievably inconsistent it's ridiculous. He'll go through stretches where he scorches the ball (13 RBI in a 12 game stretch in June), and then will go a prolonged period of time doing nothing except walking (just 1 RBI this month, and hasn't homered in 23 games.)

Overbay is an Overbum.

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