Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Who might the Jays trade at the deadline?

As the July 31st trade deadline quickly approaches, and the Blue Jays close to determining they're too far out of contention, who might the team trade at the deadline?

Roy Halladay is the obvious one that has drawn constant speculation and attention. The Mets reportedly rejected a trade offer for Halladay, and several teams including the Dodgers, Phillies, Brewers, Giants not to mention the Yankees and Red Sox reportedly have interest. I still don't think Doc is gone this year, however. The Jays will likely evaluate where they are in July next year (figuring with a healthy team they are contenders in 2010) to decide whether or not to deal him.

Other less expensive options include Scott Rolen, Marco Scutaro, John McDonald, Jason Frasor, Brian Tallet and Kevin Millar.

I expect Tallet to be moved to a team needing a decent left handed pitcher with versatility. Kevin Millar likely won't be back next year, and has plenty of experience so I'd be rather surprised he isn't moved for a mid level prospect, much like Matt Stairs and David Eckstein last year.

Rolen's amazing defense and solid bat would draw interest around the league, but his $11 million contract this year and next likely will scare teams off. Marco Scutaro would be a valuable piece for any team, but Toronto might hold on to him because they'll receive a 1st round draft pick as compensation should they lose him to free agency.

McDonald, as I've mentioned before, would be amazing to plug in for a contending teams lineup solely for his spectacular defense, and Jason Frasor has proven to be a quality reliever in the back end of the Jays bullpen this year.

I'll go with Millar, Tallet and possibly Frasor being traded at the deadline. I hope the Jays clearly define whether they are a buyer or a seller and not somewhere in between. This team needs an infusion of talent and has relatively good bargains from which to accrue talent.

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