Sunday, August 2, 2009

Accardo not happy with demotion

If there was one loser in the trade of Scott Rolen to the Reds, it has to be hard luck Jeremy Accardo. After the Jays acquired the rights to right handed reliever Josh Roenicke in the deal, Accardo was optioned down to AAA Las Vegas to make room for the newest member of the bullpen.

Accardo was not impressed with the demotion either, nor should he be. He spent the first couple of months buried in AAA when inferior pitchers were called up to pitch for Toronto, and has been very solid in 16 outings, not allowing a run in 12 of those contests while posting a solid 2.87 ERA.

The 27 year old Accardo saved 30 games for the Jays in 2007, missing most of the '08 campaign with a forearm injury.


Anonymous said...

I just don't get it. Why do our solid pitchers (who are few and far between) get sent down in favour of our shaky, inconsistant and unknown pitchers?

Michael Harrison said...

Couldn't have it any better. I would much rather have Accardo on the team than Camp. However, they can control Accardo and put him in the minors without losing his services so they are pinballing him back and forth. I also would rather have Accardo pitch instead of Carlson any day, but because he's a lefty, they are keeping him on the roster :(

Anonymous said...

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