Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Jesse Carlson has a noodle arm

Jesse Carlson is a complete bum. I’m totally sick of this guy and his noodle arm serving up home runs in tense situations like he did Tuesday, giving up back to back homers in the 8th with the Jays up 1 run.

Just when he gives you a glimmer of hope that he might be finally putting it together (as was the case in game one of this series against the Yankees), he falters miserably, costing the team yet another win. The guy has given up 6 dingers this year, and has a pathetic 5.40 ERA.

As I’ve said many times when he’s brutalized another outing, it appears last year was an aberration; the league has him figured out. His breaking ball has no bite to it, and he leaves it up in the strike zone. When he's not putting it on a tee that way, he's chucking a fastball down the middle. But because the team is without a lefty specialist in the bullpen, he continues to stay with the club, making the most appearances of any Jays pitcher the past two years.

I'm sick of him though. He's a bum.


jim mora jr. said...

carlson's a stud... bud

Jay McMahon said...

Carlson has two pitches...this is the of them has NO BITE to it...anyone can hit a one pitch pitcher...if he ever gets his junk to work, he'll be okay again. In the meantime, he's a bum!

Michael Harrison said...

If he can get the two pitches on he should be good. Last year he was solid but it was also his first year touring the majors. It definitely is unfortunate that when he looks like he's put it together, he lapses like he did again.