Saturday, August 29, 2009

Richmond fails to hold onto Jays lead

Aaron Hill spotted Scott Richmond a 3 spot early in the ball game, blasting his 31st home run of the season, giving the Jays starter a 3 run cushion, but the Canadian failed to hold the lead. The lead evaporated in the 4th inning when Richmond coughed up 3 runs, and in the 5th, Richmond served up a game tying 2 run bomb to Jason Bay.

With Scott Richmond being one day shy of his 30th birthday, it's difficult to remember that he is in fact a rookie, just like fellow starters Ricky Romero, Brett Cecil and Marc Rzepczynski. In their case, they are afforded time to take their lumps to grow as a major league starter, and Richmond should have the same treatment. However, because he's considerably older than all of them and trying to prove he should be in the rotation next year, his margin for error is much thinner.

In his first full season, Richmond has fashioned a 6-7 record with a very respectable 4.32 ERA.

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