Monday, August 10, 2009

A sudden twinge of compassion for Vernon Wells

Walking home from work a couple of days I got to thinking about the Blue Jays season, and suddenly I had a startling revelation. In fact, it was so downright shocking that I was convinced it would pass in a matter of seconds. Then, after that failed, I figured if I slept on it I would return to sense. The only problem is, it still hasn't happened.

I felt a twinge of compassion for Vernon Wells. Why? I don't know. I've ripped him for the better part of two years, so why the sudden change of heart? The guy was pathetic for much of the season, destroying our chances of competing for a playoff spot. I know I should despise him for this, but I'm failing to do so.

Is it simply because he has blasted 2 long flies and driven in 8 runs the past 5 games, including a couple CLUTCH (a word never previously associated with V-Dub) hits? But he still hits .189 with runners in scoring position and is only now picking up his play when we're long out of post season contention.

I can't explain this phenomenon, and also I'm unable to decipher why I don't feel the same way about Alex Rios. Maybe Wells has been beaten up so much that he is now entering full blown goat status. Knowing my history, I tend to latch onto that sort (see: Josh Towers, Russ Adams, Brandon League)

I want this feeling to go away, but I can't shake it. Save me! Why do I not hate Wells?


eyebleaf said...

You don't hate Vernon Wells because you believe in Vernon Wells.

You want nothing more than for him to succeed, and for the Jays to succeed in the process.

Hating him, and booing him, especially in his HOME ball park, solves nothing.


Jay McMahon said...

I love Vernon Wells. He'll come around....hopefully next year.

I agree...stop booing him Toronto!

Side Note: Josh Towers has resurfaced! (I'm a Towers fan through and through)

RiosforPrez said...

You don't hate Vernon because he's not a bad guy. Rios is a bum. But Wells feels bad about his play and it shows.

Michael Harrison said...

Towers is on the Yankees 40 man roster!!! whoo hoo! haha. Wells definitely looks like he's trying out there that's for sure. I don't think that's ever really been questioned about him. Go Vernon!