Sunday, March 7, 2010

Welcome back to Toronto Blue Jays Way!

Yes I know, it has been FAR too long since I last wrote on this Toronto Blue Jays Way blog. For that I am ashamed, truly. It was just so difficult to write about the team knowing that the baseball season was still far away from starting up again. It was basically depressing to know that there would be no ball for such a long time. However, that has all changed when the calendar turned to March because the Blue Jays Spring Training has begun!

I will be blogging throughout the Blue Birds exhibition schedule with thoughts, opinions and observations regarding the team, and of course carrying on to when the games really matter, starting April 5th in Texas. Already there are plenty of topics to discuss, from the job Alex Anthopoulos has done since being named the Jays General Manager, whether or not Jose Bautista can be the next Marco Scutaro, and also which young pitchers should be in the Jays rotation to start the 2010 campaign.

So welcome back to Toronto Blue Jays Way! I certainly hope to bring even more content and information to my loyal readers for the upcoming season!

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