Saturday, April 3, 2010

Adam Lind given contract extension

The Toronto Blue Jays have locked up one of their core young players today in what can best be described as a fantastic contract for the organization. Adam Lind has signed an extension that will pay him $18 million over the course of four years.

For an excellent hitter that is still entering his prime at 26 years of age, G.M. Alex Anthopolous locked up an integral piece for the organization at a very reasonable price tag. Lind had his coming out party last season, hitting .305, blasting 35 home runs, 46 doubles and 114 RBI's which was enough to earn him the American League Silver Slugger Award. He also picked up the Edgar Martinez Award given to the best designated hitter in the league.

Just another savvy move by the Jays rookie General Manager. As I've said before, Anthopoulos has already made more smart moves in six months on the job than J.P. Ricciardi did in eight seasons with the team.


J-Factor said...

Great contract, a no lose situation really. If only the Jays weren't saddled with such a bad contract in Vernon Wells. If he does produce this season and next they might be able to find a take for him and they would have a lot of wiggle room come 2012 which looks like it will be a year for GM's to feast.

Michael Harrison said...

I can see it now. After two more seasons of producing at a really high level, Lind is doing to HATE this contract and demand it be ripped up for another one. It certainly seems like Toronto fleeced Lind in this deal.

jim mora jr. said...

this is the contract they should have given rios