Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Let the Rios hate flow through you

Damn you Alex Rios. You weren't supposed to get three hits last night. You were supposed to crumble like you often did in Toronto, then we were supposed to jeer you ever more. Words can not describe how much I detest you Monsieur Alexis Rios. You have been placed on notice, I will boo you every time I catch a glimpse of you at tonight's ball game.

The best part of you leaving Toronto (other than you actually leaving Toronto), was that you are just as pathetic in Chicago. Sub .200 hitter pathetic. But would it kill you to blow chunks for just four more games like you always did in Toronto?

Actually, I'm probably being too harsh on Alex. He was a pretty good player for the franchise. He did hit 24 homers in 2007, and was close to a .300 hitter until last season. Maybe I should take it easy on him. I've had a change of heart. Rios, I still like you, so could I please have your autograph? Oh wait, never mind.


Ian H. said...

I actually hope Rios does well and bounces back this year. The guy has a tonne of talent and it would be a shame to see it all go to waste.

jim mora jr. said...

you were at the game tonight? did you like the rios homer in the 8th inning?

Michael Harrison said...

i was at the game with lal and rosales and all i could think of was "oh god why?"