Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Low attendance at Jays games embarrassing

To those so called Blue Jays "fans", and apparently there aren't all that many of you, not making it out to the park to watch a decent ball club should bring a great deal of shame to you. The fact Toronto has set not one, but two all time low attendance figures in the past week is a complete an utter embarrassment to the city, the organization, and mostly, the supposed supporters of the club.

If the Blue Jays started out the season like the horrifically pathetic Baltimore Orioles (who sport MLB's worst record at 2-13), then I could understand why so many people would shy away from purchasing tickets this early in the year. However, the Jays have gotten off to a solid start, especially in light of expectations at an all time low. Toronto's 9-6 record would put them in at least a tie for first place in every division in baseball but one (except for their ultra competitive American League East) In the first game of the 3 game set against the Royals, Rogers Centre got just 10,314 fans out to the game, setting a new benchmark for attendance futility. I know it's only the Royals, but come on!

I'm sick of so many fair weathered "fans" of sports only liking a team when they are winning. I can't stand it. Whomever you like, you should support them through thick and thin. One of the lame excuses for the low attendance bandied about is the fact that the Jays just "need to produce a winner" and then people will start going to games. Fair point, but how come no one came out when they were 27-14 last year? And as I mentioned earlier, it's not like they are the Orioles. What would constitute "producing a winner" to finally gets fans to show up? A 15-0 record after 15 games? That kind of expectation is totally unrealistic for even the greatest of teams.

For the record, I have gone to the first two games against Kansas City, and will make it out to the matinee tomorrow for the series finale against the lowly Royals. Why? Because I'm a loyal and die hard fan no matter how good or bad the team is. I just wish there were more of you out there.


jim mora jr. said...

i like the anger in your voice... but the jays are pathetic... they should move the team

thestevenetwork said...

While Jays fans are not showing up in droves, as this clip below proves, at least they’re doing their part to entertain Canadians:

harrison said...

The Jays continuously do nothing of note in the off-season to improve to the point of competing in the east. In fact, their payroll went down considerably, yet, they had the nerve to raise ticket prices. I was a die-hard Jays fan from inception until two years ago when one of their employees assaulted my 12 year old son and they tripped over each other to deny it and cover it up. This even went all the way up to Paul Godfrey. The Jays will never get another cent from me.

Michael Harrison said...

woah that's not cool at all. I can see why you wouldn't want to shell out the cash if that happened.

Rabo Karabekian said...

I am a surprised that this of all years is the one where attendance problems have become increasingly noticeable.

Obviously it is something that goes beyond team performance. In 2002 they finished 25.5 games back and they still averaged 20,000 fans (which I actually believe they will approach this year, last year was over 23) and in 2004, when they finished last in the division 33.5 games back they averaged almost 23,500.

Hopefully once the dome opens up consistently the team will keep playing well and the fans will come back.

I will say, however, that as someone without a ton of much disposable income I wish that the price of cheap seats hadn't increased this year. In previous years I could go with my girlfriend to a game for less than I could than a movie. Now that tickets are $14 a pop I will go to a few less games than I would really like to. That being said, you certainly can't blame the small increase for the whole of the problem.

Anonymous said...

Tickets are too expensive! Not affordable for average person to attend. Over $100 for 2????? That's 1 game a year for most. With so many games in their schedule, tickets should be around $20, then they'd get lots of fans!

Michael Harrison said...

I have the Toronto Star season pass, which cost just over $100 for all the games in the 500 level seats. If you sit right behind home plate, it's a great view and definitely worth it. Of course, as I wrote here it can be a pain actually getting one lol

Anonymous said...

All right listen up people. Baseball needs to wake up and realize that nobody wants to sit in a 30-100 dollar seat for a meaningless game anymore!other than bos. NYY cubs and dodgers people will not show up and pay to see there team try and break 500 ball. In todays A.D.D. World you have to knock 30 to 40 games off the schedual,start the playoffs sept.1 and make it where the top 8 in the AL (1 plays 8, 2 plays 7 etc. In a 7 game series) same in NL this will at least give other cities hope to make the playoffs and possiably a cinderella story in the playoffs. As it sits right now as of april 27 2010 10 teams are all ready out of the playoffs with no hope of getting better this year. Where is the reason a fan should show up for that! The old love of the game and gotta earn it attitude of MLB is dinosaur thinking!!!!

Anonymous said...

People just dont like baseball in this town. NHL playoff hockey is on - sitting on my couch is 110 times more interesting watching that than any jays games. Let's be real.

Anonymous said...

I've lost interest in the jays simply because they haven't made the playoffs in over 15 years .

The ticket prices are lousy , the concessions as well and the jays have so much money given the low payroll they have they did nothing
in the offseason .

Sure the jays are not far from 1st place but heck the 1st half of the season the jays are always a contender up till the alstar break then boom they can't clinch a division or even nail the wild card .

You want to see me go to a jays game , sure when the team can actually make the post season which they can't even do for the last 15+ years .