Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rios & Wells fail again

I understand that both Alex Rios and Vernon Wells aren't as awful as myself, and plenty other Blue Jays make them out to be, but Tuesday in the much hyped affair against the Red Sox, their inability to come up huge on the big stage reared its ugly head once again.

Down one run in the 8th inning, and with 2 men aboard and just one out, Rios and Wells hit weak fly balls to end any hopes of a stirring comeback. No surprise really, it's pretty much what we've all come to expect!

Having said that, it's more difficult to rip Rios for this one, given how he's swung the bat well recently (hitting the game winning RBI Monday against Chicago), but how often does he do that against a team within the vaunted A.L. East? Can I give him a free pass for this one? Maybe.

There are no excuses for Wells, the guy is garbage (Saturday's strong outing appears to be a mere blip on the radar.) He is so awful, and the worst part is, everyone knows it. There is not a single Jays fan that was totally confident he'd pull through in that at bat. It's a little bit overstated how hideous a player he is, with the expectation that V-Dub has to hit a grand slam every at bat, even with no one on base, but Wells, dude, come on!

Chalk it up! Our two "big hitters" in the heart of the order continue to display no heart at all.

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