Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Should Snider be sent down to the minors?

The debate over what the Blue Jays should do with scuffling prospect Travis Snider is beginning to simmer. Should they keep him with the club, allowing him to hit 9th in the order and struggle to make contact, or should he be sent down to AAA in order to get his confidence at the plate back?

With Toronto heading to Atlanta for interleague play Thursday, and having a pair of series mid-June in National League ball parks in Philadelphia and Washington, it might not be a bad idea to send him down to get more at-bats, because he'll make way for Adam Lind in left field in N.L. parks (where there's no Designated Hitter.) Lind has been so productive so far that he has to be in the lineup every day, so Snider would be bumped to the bench.

Snider had a very solid debut after a September call-up last season, and absolutely tore the cover off the ball in spring training this year. He broke camp with the big club and impressed in the early going with 3 home runs in the first 6 contests. It hasn't exactly been smooth sailing for the Jays best prospect since, though he is still hitting .242, so it's not as if he's been totally awful this season.

There's not a whole lot of other quality options (Joe Inglett would be, but he's currently on the disabled list) or prospects ready to make the jump north of the border, so that could force Toronto's hand into keeping Snider at the major league level for the foreseeable future.

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