Saturday, June 20, 2009

FINALLY! Wells ends homerless drought

It's about damn time. Vernon Wells has ended the misery. At long last, he belted a home run, ending the longest homerless drought of his career. It took him 161 at bats, a span of 45 days without lifting a pitch over the wall. Maybe now he can go on a much needed tear.

Of course, Wells didn't exactly wind up smelling like roses in the game, having made a critical error on a catchable ball that led to a run, and also grounding out into a double play in extra innings. But I'm feeling generous this evening. I really shouldn't be in a charitable mood, considering the two straight defeats to the lowly Nationals.

Maybe I'm just awestruck at such a rare occurrence from Wells. The stars have aligned. Wells actually hit a home run. Cherish this moment my friends, for it might be 45 weeks, not days, before it happens again.

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