Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sweet return for Jeremy Accardo

Jeremy Accardo must feel relieved to finally be back in a Blue Jays uniform. After going down to a season ending injury in May of last year, Accardo has waited patiently to ply his trade north of the border. He failed to make the club out of spring training, but likely assumed he would be on speed dial should the Jays need help in shoring up their bullpen.

Except that call didn't happen. He was passed over, again and again. Mostly to far inferior pitchers like by Bill Murphy, Bryan Bullington, Brian Wolfe and Dirk Hayhurst. Accardo continued going about his business, saving games for the AAA Las Vegas 51's. If he felt a sense of entitlement that he should be with the Jays, no one could blame him. After all, he was a big part of the success of the Blue Birds two years ago, having locked down 30 games.

Since his return, Accardo has been fantastic, notching his first save in over a year against the Phillies, then putting up two scoreless innings against the Nationals, while striking out four batters. It's been a long and difficult road back for Accardo, but he's been given an opportunity to stick with Toronto. Knowing his resiliency, he'll take full advantage to steer his major league career back on track.

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