Sunday, August 9, 2009

Jays need to wear old uni's all the time!

Seeing the Blue Jays on Friday wearing their old school vintage white jerseys, easily the best uni's in franchise history makes you wonder, just why don't they wear them more often?

They finally introduced the powder blue jerseys as part of the flashback Friday promotion of a couple of years ago, and they are a good look, but come on, those phenomenal white jerseys conjure up such unbelievable memories. Those duds must become a fixture EVERY Friday! Or better yet, change the logo and colours of the ball club back to the ones from the glory years. Why the heck do the BLUE Jays have black in their jerseys anyways?

It's pretty obvious why the Jays haven't made the playoffs since 1993. All those logo changes and switching of jerseys have been ridiculous. They should've stuck with the sweet white look. Why did they mess with perfection?


Jay McMahon said...

They just have a 'classy' look to them!

Ian H. said...

I'm with you Michael, I much prefer the white jerseys over the powder blues. Maybe it's because the white home jerseys really captured the 92/93 glory days better than the powder blues.

Michael Harrison said...

I have one of the white jerseys in my closet and I break it out whenever I go back for flashback Fridays. It's the most amazing jersey ever!

On the contrary, I'm still kicking myself for purchasing a few years ago the black current Jays jersey with Vernon Wells' name on the back! haha

Ian H. said...

Very nice! I have an away navy blue jersey, but it's not as cool as the home whites.

The good thing about getting numbers/names on the back of a jersey is that the number can always be replaced.