Saturday, August 8, 2009

Mystery team makes waiver claim for Rios!

Unbelievably, some team has put in a waiver claim to acquire the rights of underachieving Alex Rios. Reports indicate an unknown team has attempted to claim the 2 time all-star, which would rid the Jays of the hefty 6 year, $64 million dollar extension signed last season.

The Jays have 72 hours to exorcise one of three options; they can attempt to work out a trade with the team that claimed him, keep the enigmatic right fielder or simply let him walk to whichever team is dumb enough to want his services.

Though no specific teams have been linked to Rios just yet, the San Francisco Giants were interested in Rios a couple of seasons ago (when Tim Lincecum was part of trade rumours), the White Sox have long been intrigued by the 28 year old, and the New York Mets are in desperate need of offensive help.

While it would be incredible to rid ourselves of this perpetually frustrating loafer and his fat contract, the Jays do not have much quality outfield depth that is major league ready should he leave. Travis Snider is the only obvious long term solution, though he should be left down in AAA Las Vegas to hone his craft and while 27 year old Buck Coats has put together a solid season in Vegas, he hardly represents a prospect for the long run with this franchise.

Having said that, this team needs to rebuild, and shipping Rios out with his apathetic attitude and long term deal would represent a solid step in the right direction for an organization that needs to cut ties with dead weight.

So basically, knowing J.P. Ricciardi, expect Rios to remain a Blue Jay.


eyebleaf said...

Why the low blow on Ricciardi at the end? EVERYBODY goes through waivers at this time of year. It's just business. In all likelihood, Rios remains a Jay, and that's fine by me.


Michael Harrison said...

The low blow was because Ricciardi has teetered the line between contending or rebuilding the past couple of years and it's frustrating. The Jays need a clear direction of where they are going and there really hasn't been lately.

I was actually surprised to hear most players go through waivers at this time of year. I had no idea.

Jay McMahon said...

I sure hope they work out a trade and get something in return for Rios. I doubt he can be worse than he has played all year, but he's the laziest, lacklustre, son of a bitch I've ever seen put on a MLB uniform (discluding Jose Guillen).


ChatchAttack said...

Alex Rios brings a lot of inadvertent comedy to the game. He's like the ballplayer equivalent of that movie Showgirls. I never get tired of him looking like he's not sure what day it is.

That being said he's perfect for the team the Jay's have built. But if we want to win trade the chump, if we get a box of baseballs back, we're still winners.

I believe Rios may have success somewhere else, he has the skill, but firmly believe he won't do it with Toronto.

Michael Harrison said...

Couldn't have said it better myself. He is incredibly lazy. It's unbelievable how he loafs for fly balls and never runs out grounders.

Rios definitely has talent, without question. He might very well just need a change of scenery to get his career back on path.

How ironic that after the rumours about him being claimed on waivers, he hits 2 homers in 2 games...

eyebleaf said...

This "lazy" and "loafs for fly balls" stuff is complete B/S.

I've posted some numbers about Rios. Sure, I want that OPS to be higher, too, but it's not all bad.

The Jays' most clutch hitter is the one you want to get rid of.

Beyond the BoxScore is always posting defensive ratings, and Rios isn't as bad as everyone makes him out to be.

You don't dump an asset, which Rios is, for nothing. That's just not the way you do business.


Michael Harrison said...

Despite the fact he is frustrating, and aside from the obvious benefit from shedding his salary, it would be difficult to just let him walk for absolutely nothing I agree. Especially since, as I've noted, there isn't a lot of quality outfield depth that is major league ready for now.

I have looked at those stats with RISP all year and have been quite surprised by Rios in that regard. Curiously, he's bad with no one one base but good with RISP, yet Wells is bad with RISP but good with no one base...