Saturday, August 8, 2009

Brandon Beleaguered

Oh Brandon League, you are killing me! I have spent so much of this season risking my reputation by backing you up, proclaiming that you are a damn good pitcher despite the bouts of crapiness. And even against better judgment, I have displayed unquestioned loyalty even though you've blown countless games. Tonight was no exception.

League allowed a paltry three earned runs in just 0.2 innings of work. To be fair, without a couple of bad breaks there wouldn't have been a problem. With a runner on first, League uncorked a wild pitch, then League tried to get a glove on a Nolan Reimold chopper. He got a piece of it, but the ball deflecting away from Aaron Hill who would have had an easy play. Had there been no wild pitch, and League not knocked the ball away from Hill, it most certainly would have been an inning ending double play.

How ironic that on the night I was about to write about League's recent success (only 2 runs allowed in his past 14 outings, covering 15.1 innings), he puts up a stinker.

It's Brandon Beleaguered.

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