Thursday, August 6, 2009

Will Hill or Lind hit more home runs?

Throughout the 2009 season, Aaron Hill and Adam Lind have provided a glimmer of hope that the Blue Jays will shed the label of being a moribund franchise following their two World Series titles in 1992 and 1993. They have both gone back and forth hitting balls out of parks across Major League Baseball, challenging each other for home run supremacy. Lind's long fly Wednesday against the Yankees gave him 23 on the year, while Hill, batting one slot ahead of him in the batting order, leads the club with 26 home runs.

Who will hit more home runs this year? Lind, the 2004 3rd round pick with the sweet stroke, or Hill, the 2003 1st rounder with the compact swing? The Jays 2nd baseman has been on a tear with 6 bombs in his past 13 contests while Lind has regained his home run stroke, blasting 3 in 6 games after just 1 in the previous 14 games.

Over the course of their careers, Hill has racked up 54 homers in 5 seasons, while the Jays designated hitter has 45 round trippers in 4 campaigns.


Ian H. said...

I think Hill's on pace for 42 HR, while Lind is on pace for 32 or so. Hill will most likely break 30 and set the new mark for offensive Jays second baseman.

Michael Harrison said...

It's amazing how Hill is absolutely SMASHING the blue jays record for homers by a 2nd basemen eh?

I think I'm going to go with Lind having more home runs this year though. They are both so solid though :)